Welcome to Leafy Greens Cafe, the first plant-based restaurant in St Petersburg. Unlike the new kids on the block, we are built on educated plant-based lifestyle experiences. We know good food from years of restaurant and home cooking experience combined with the newest information and techniques from the best culinary educators.

We are the folks that make it all from scratch. We focus on healthy then make it delicious instead of the other way around. Whole food prepared to perfection!

We don’t have much to say…we are too busy making REAL, home-made food!  Come in for a visit and see the difference.  People who visit us comment often about how they can taste the difference and compliment us about how delicious everything is!

Are you new to a healthy plant-based lifestyle? We welcome your questions and offer sound advice. We are non-judgemental, encouraging and supportive in whatever place you are in your journey to superb health and a joyful life.