We are located at 1626 Central Ave, St Petersburg FL 33712 just two blocks north of Tropicana Stadium.  Our parking has been restored following an AMAZING renovation to our block which includes a HILTON Hotel and a 5-story apartment building across the street too!  There is NEW RETAIL slowing moving into the building across the street!  There is another new apartment building a block west and another one a block north of us too!  The block is totally exploding!

If you would like to order delivery, we offer BiteSquad, GrubHub and DoorDash however, it is less expensive to order from us direct and come in to pick it up.  We are practicing social distancing as well as sanitization during this COVID-19 challenge as well and suggest calling to reserve a table if you want to enjoy your meal outside as we have limited seating.

We offer free wifi!