The past two years have been surreal for Leafy Greens Cafe. First in November 2018, when the city barricaded all but six parking spaces for 8 running businesses in our tiny shopping center followed by the Covid outbreak, our reopening in June that didn’t provide us with enough revenue to sustain our payroll forcing us to close in July…We are reopened again, not unlike a phoenix rising from the ashes!

Due to our experience in June and July, in order to safeguard our ability to generate sales, we have incorporated quality, made-from-scratch whole food for omni and keto people as well. We are providing food to those who are on a different path than purely plant-based. We have found that providing high-quality food to those who are NOT vegan provides a doorway for someone who would otherwise not frequent a pure vegan restaurant to come in and try the food. Our food is always delicious and we want to provide the non-vegans a chance to eat whole food that will hopefully inspire them to try our plant-based tried and true items as well.

Please help support or efforts by ordering take-out or delivery from the cafe often. We really appreciate your support. A note — if you order food directly from the cafe and not from the delivery services, the prices are at least 20% lower. The delivery services really rip off small businesses but are a necessity so we offer it but also have a great monetary incentive for you to pick up your food directly!

Our new menu is remarkably less than our normal prices. This is to provide good food, fast to pick up and wholesome. Many of our cooked items are only $6! Just about everything is GF and everything is Non-GMO as well.

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