We are emerging like a butterfly from a cocoon!

It has been the most challenging 22 months of our history! We are emerging with a new look, a new identity and new hours. The things that haven’t changed are our quality, the amazing tastes that we create and the ability to make delicious food that is healthy as well!

We gave the cafe a new name, a new look and a new menu. Our hours are extended for a fine dining dinner experience and a completely different menu from what we offer in the afternoon. Our afternoon menu is now brunch! If you want breakfast at noon, come visit us for some tantalizing plant-based french toast or pancakes made from scratch. As always, our menu is gluten-free, non-GMO and free from refined flours and sugar.

How do we do that? It takes a lot of experience and a lot of research to prepare the food we offer. With years of restaurant as well as plant-based whole food experience combined with a penchant for details and perfection of the little things, it works amazingly well!

This has been a really tough time for us frankly. We really need our customers to come back now – between lack of parking combined with the COVID-19 issues, we were wondering how we would survive. The survival of the cafe depends on you! We need our customers to come back and see what we have done, experience our new atmosphere and taste our amazing new menu.

If you are still self-isolating, please remember that we use several delivery services including GrubHub, Bitesquad and DoorDash. You can save money by ordering direct, however, and come and pick up your order. We are practicing social distancing and sanitization and all staff has been tested negative for the virus. If you call and request it, we can bring your order out to you and you don’t have to leave your car!

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