The cost of progress…

It is still amazing that Leafy Greens Cafe has been operating for eleven years! We have survived some of the worst times too from the economic downturn, to the oil spill (which made tourists hesitant to visit our sunny state), to the construction of Fusion (which took two years), and relocating to the west side of the 16th St and Central intersection in 2014.

We had ongoing staffing issues…and we continued to work and strive for whole food perfection. Overcoming these issues has been truly transforming! Our staff and reputation are top-notch again and we are really proud of what we have and what we accomplished.

Our latest struggle has been the ongoing construction that began in November 2018.

Considering that the city is well aware of it and has refused to help us out, we are so very grateful for the guests who have persevered and continued to frequent the cafe as we approach the final six months of these major projects! Our intersection will never be the same. There are bittersweet sentiments from the St Pete public about these changes as some mourn the beginning of the growth which has essentially hurt the small businesses that have been a true gem and the characteristic niche St Pete has enjoyed for decades. The addition of a Hilton Tru Hotel and three major residential/retail projects all surrounding our tiny shopping center will transform the surrounding landscape for generations. Others are excited by the new version of downtown that is emerging on, what feels like, every corner.

Our biggest challenge has been the parking, foot and street traffic – or, frankly, the lack thereof. With the elimination of all of the northside Central Ave parking a year ago and two months later with 2/3 of the south side of Central parking barricaded, our customers have had to struggle to get to us. There are six parking spaces and 8 running businesses. The city admitted that they never considered how this would affect our little shopping center too, which is disheartening at best.

SO, we are SO GRATEFUL for those who have continued to visit us, recommend us and give us the high ratings we have enjoyed for years on social media. It is truly an honor to serve all of you!

We are working extra hard to bring you whole food that is worthy of your efforts to get to the cafe. We strive to impress, to make you feel welcome, to offer more than you expect. We want to know what you think, how you experience the cafe and what suggestions you have to improve what we are doing!

PLEASE NOTE: With the construction looming around us, we were forced to reduce our operating hours and staff to conserve the revenues we are earning. There is a thin line between productivity and efficiency and it was a hard decision to reduce our operating hours.

We pledge to extend our hours and offer more convenient parking and hours of operation as quickly as possible! At this time we have additional parking behind the cafe that is accessible by driving down the alley behind Chase on 16th St. The cafe can be accessed from our back door which is clearly marked. There is a step into the back entry so please be careful if you use this entrance. Unfortunately, only the front door is available for wheelchairs. Thank you ever so much for your continued love and support!

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