The past two years have been surreal for Leafy Greens Cafe. First in November 2018, when the city barricaded all but six parking spaces for 8 running businesses in our tiny shopping center followed by the Covid outbreak, our reopening in June that didn’t provide us with enough revenue to sustain our payroll forcing us to close in July…We are reopened again, not unlike a phoenix rising from the ashes!

Due to our experience in June and July, in order to safeguard our ability to generate sales, we have incorporated quality, made-from-scratch whole food for omni and keto people as well. We are providing food to those who are on a different path than purely plant-based. We have found that providing high-quality food to those who are NOT vegan provides a doorway for someone who would otherwise not frequent a pure vegan restaurant to come in and try the food. Our food is always delicious and we want to provide the non-vegans a chance to eat whole food that will hopefully inspire them to try our plant-based tried and true items as well.

Please help support or efforts by ordering take-out or delivery from the cafe often. We really appreciate your support. A note — if you order food directly from the cafe and not from the delivery services, the prices are at least 20% lower. The delivery services really rip off small businesses but are a necessity so we offer it but also have a great monetary incentive for you to pick up your food directly!

Our new menu is remarkably less than our normal prices. This is to provide good food, fast to pick up and wholesome. Many of our cooked items are only $6! Just about everything is GF and everything is Non-GMO as well.


We were so excited to reopen with a new concept on June 4. Unfortunately, even though business was slightly better in July than June, we were unable to sustain costs associated with operating the business.

We closed on Wednesday with great regret. We are hunkering down until the virus issues have been resolved and we can reopen as a new concept with our bright new ideas and recipes!

We completely transformed the restaurant in May with expectations of great things coming – however two weeks later, the second wave of Covid hit and, even though the new menu was well received, there was very limited business and we had to make a hard decision to close down until we can provide our delicious food without social distancing, without fear and without limited business.

Please stay safe at this time and pray things resolve quickly so the “Twilight Zone” life we are currently experiencing will finally end for good.

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We are emerging like a butterfly from a cocoon!

It has been the most challenging 22 months of our history! We are emerging with a new look, a new identity and new hours. The things that haven’t changed are our quality, the amazing tastes that we create and the ability to make delicious food that is healthy as well!

We gave the cafe a new name, a new look and a new menu. Our hours are extended for a fine dining dinner experience and a completely different menu from what we offer in the afternoon. Our afternoon menu is now brunch! If you want breakfast at noon, come visit us for some tantalizing plant-based french toast or pancakes made from scratch. As always, our menu is gluten-free, non-GMO and free from refined flours and sugar.

How do we do that? It takes a lot of experience and a lot of research to prepare the food we offer. With years of restaurant as well as plant-based whole food experience combined with a penchant for details and perfection of the little things, it works amazingly well!

This has been a really tough time for us frankly. We really need our customers to come back now – between lack of parking combined with the COVID-19 issues, we were wondering how we would survive. The survival of the cafe depends on you! We need our customers to come back and see what we have done, experience our new atmosphere and taste our amazing new menu.

If you are still self-isolating, please remember that we use several delivery services including GrubHub, Bitesquad and DoorDash. You can save money by ordering direct, however, and come and pick up your order. We are practicing social distancing and sanitization and all staff has been tested negative for the virus. If you call and request it, we can bring your order out to you and you don’t have to leave your car!

The cost of progress…

It is still amazing that Leafy Greens Cafe has been operating for eleven years! We have survived some of the worst times too from the economic downturn, to the oil spill (which made tourists hesitant to visit our sunny state), to the construction of Fusion (which took two years), and relocating to the west side of the 16th St and Central intersection in 2014.

We had ongoing staffing issues…and we continued to work and strive for whole food perfection. Overcoming these issues has been truly transforming! Our staff and reputation are top-notch again and we are really proud of what we have and what we accomplished.

Our latest struggle has been the ongoing construction that began in November 2018.

Considering that the city is well aware of it and has refused to help us out, we are so very grateful for the guests who have persevered and continued to frequent the cafe as we approach the final six months of these major projects! Our intersection will never be the same. There are bittersweet sentiments from the St Pete public about these changes as some mourn the beginning of the growth which has essentially hurt the small businesses that have been a true gem and the characteristic niche St Pete has enjoyed for decades. The addition of a Hilton Tru Hotel and three major residential/retail projects all surrounding our tiny shopping center will transform the surrounding landscape for generations. Others are excited by the new version of downtown that is emerging on, what feels like, every corner.

Our biggest challenge has been the parking, foot and street traffic – or, frankly, the lack thereof. With the elimination of all of the northside Central Ave parking a year ago and two months later with 2/3 of the south side of Central parking barricaded, our customers have had to struggle to get to us. There are six parking spaces and 8 running businesses. The city admitted that they never considered how this would affect our little shopping center too, which is disheartening at best.

SO, we are SO GRATEFUL for those who have continued to visit us, recommend us and give us the high ratings we have enjoyed for years on social media. It is truly an honor to serve all of you!

We are working extra hard to bring you whole food that is worthy of your efforts to get to the cafe. We strive to impress, to make you feel welcome, to offer more than you expect. We want to know what you think, how you experience the cafe and what suggestions you have to improve what we are doing!

PLEASE NOTE: With the construction looming around us, we were forced to reduce our operating hours and staff to conserve the revenues we are earning. There is a thin line between productivity and efficiency and it was a hard decision to reduce our operating hours.

We pledge to extend our hours and offer more convenient parking and hours of operation as quickly as possible! At this time we have additional parking behind the cafe that is accessible by driving down the alley behind Chase on 16th St. The cafe can be accessed from our back door which is clearly marked. There is a step into the back entry so please be careful if you use this entrance. Unfortunately, only the front door is available for wheelchairs. Thank you ever so much for your continued love and support!

Our previous Blog…

Moving to an internet-based website has it’s challenges. Along with structure issues, it appears that years of blog posts are going to take a long time to copy over and it doesn’t appear that it will reflect the dates in doing so. Given the past is the past, we aren’t going to focus on these previous entries and will be starting a new blog here!

Please keep an eye out for our new posts!

Our New Site

We are changing to a more secure website and, unfortunately, this has a bit of a learning curve. Please bear with us while we become accustomed to using it. Our menu will be live shortly. Until then, please call us for specials and with any questions you might have at 727-289-7087.

Thanks for your patience!